Welcome to Bratro

raTro would like to welcome YOU the people to our family. We want to show you how we can offer our services with your market research, sales and merchandising needs. We are all about family and we keep those principals alive in our day
to day operation. Since opening our doors, we have been SPAR exclusive and will continue to offer this exclusive service. With no less than 12 years SPAR experience, we will continue to grow and hone our professional offering for YOU.

People first

BraTro is all about people. We strive to operate and fulfill our obligations for and on behalf of our clients with honesty and integrity, always remembering that we, YOUR elected agent…have a role to play in strengthening the foundation of your reputation. We aim to under-promise and over-deliver. We are all about YOU.

Spar Specialists

We have established our reputation on the principles of a market leader in the retail industry, SPAR…always about YOU. Offering exclusive FMCG service within the SPAR group. Our exclusivity within SPAR allows us to offer YOU a service molded around the SPAR model.

Backed by Research & technology

BraTro makes use of unparalleled technology to improve upon and build customer research and business insights. Our operational excellence is supported by our high-end technological solutions. 


As a SPAR dedicated company, we understand the model for correct selection, ordering, and merchandising principles needed to make your brand attract attention. Adherence to ROS, CATMAN, and SPAR merchandising principles is standard practice with all products. Placing and facing…always a merchandising priority.

Stock Management

Understanding the correct mix of products for the right market is key in getting your brand into the consumer’s basket. Continued adherence to understanding market needs versus actual performance of the product is key in managing stock at the store level. Building relationships with key players in all buying departments is crucial in the day to day stock management operation.

Category Management

Understanding your end consumers’ needs within a category is crucial in getting the correct basket mix. Knowing when to replace the old with the new and move from here to there to change the shopping experience, creating a need within a category so doing, increasing sales. A category is a destination shopping experience.

Building relationships that last
“one team one dream”
we bring no less than 12 years of spar experience to you. our business model has been built on the core values of spar – relationships and family. our brand is all about you, the people behind the brand which you elect to have bratro assist you in growing.
our mission
To build a strong foundation of trust, honesty, and integrity by providing transparency in everything that needs to be done to get it done, through ongoing skills development and personal growth of the people that drive your brand and product towards positive growth and success within SPAR. 
our vision
With positive growth, we assist in alleviating poverty through employment and keep the fundamental essence of a business alive… FAMILY

BraTro’s Core services

Brand growth

BraTro executes retail and in-store marketing brand strategies with precision, speed, and agility. We work closely with clients to maximize their profitable growth, leveraging our shopper, category, and channel insights. Innovative planning, analytics, and immersion in our client’s businesses help us tailor and refine resource planning to ensure we make the most of every opportunity for our client’s brands. This enables us in turn to grow our people and their potential as a catalyst for greater social impact.

Experience backed by Data

BraTro makes use of unparalleled technology and research data to improve upon and build customer research and business insights. Our operational excellence is supported by our high-end technological solutions.


Our sales and merchandising footprint extends to the In-land SPAR Geographical regions namely SPAR Lowveld, North Rand, and South Rand. This includes eSwatini and Mozambique within the LV area. All regions have teams of capable sales representatives and merchandisers. Call cycles range from weekly to 6 weekly based on sales requirements.

relationships with people

Navigating retail is a maze in an evolving landscape that is competitive and demanding. BraTro’s success is built around people and the relationships we build with them as indiviuals.

Join our

mystery shopper


Rorke Shirley
National Brand Manager

BraTro has been managing the merchandising of our products in specific Spar regions since we first launched the Supa Mama brand.

Their attention to detail and timeous feedback from the trade has allowed us to achieve significant growth in this channel.

While they may be a smaller merchandising company, they are big in heart and this allows them to be extremely agile.

I would highly recommend Bratro for any company looking for a bespoke merchandising company to grow their brand.

Mrs. E. Mavropoulos
Hermes Cone & Snack Mnf

Hermes Cone & Snack Mnf. appointed BraTro Sales and Marketing (Pty)Ltd in April 2019. As a manufacturing company supplying the FMCG sector, we recognize the importance of offering quality products and the need to service and stock the stores regularly. Our reputation depends on our products and the way it is merchandised. BraTro Sales and Marketing has been reliable in helping us meet this goal.

Their REPS and merchandisers have shown great diligence in their punctuality and efficiency when servicing stores.

They have done an outstanding job for us thus far and we can confidently make this recommendation for all your sales and merchandising needs

Iain Knox

We joined Steve and his team in 2019 in the Lowveld area. The team’s communication and energy has been much appreciated and well-received. Our listings are growing and sales increasing weekly. Reporting is done on a weekly and monthly basis and finally followed up by a “MARKETING PRESENTATION” feedback. Their communication channels and passion from BraTro when working with the SPAR DC is of huge assistance in growing your brands  -hands-on company, highly recommended

Elona de Wet

aQuellé’s journey with BraTro Sales and Marketing over the past few years has certainly been a pleasant and rewarding one.

BraTro’s service and dedication is recommendable. A joy to work with them.

Thank you. The aQuellé Team

Sean Komlosy
SPAR Lowveld
Divisional Marketing Executive

BraTro, with its service, orientated culture firmly ingrained in the heart of this owner-run organization, provides invaluable sales and merchandising service to Retailers and Brands. Their industry expertise is an asset as is their willingness to deliver service beyond expectations, as they constantly look for innovative solutions and strategies that bring mutual benefit. Ultimately, BraTro‘s greatest quality is the integrity that informs every decision and permeates every interaction.

Esmerelda Joubert
Mighty Bite
Account Manager

Our company partnered with BraTro in December 2018 and the team has provided us with a professional and consistent approach in growing our brand and we can positively recommend their sales and merchandising services

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